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Event: Saturday, June 7, 2008
Mills Music Mission with Art Gilmore
Los Angeles Area Alumni Association

Please RSVP for this event as soon as you can.

Mills Music Mission with Art Gilmore
Where: 19191 Harvard Ave, Irvine, CA.
When: 2:00 Rehearsal, 3:30 Performance. Dinner at a local restaurant afterwards for those inclined.
What: We will be joining Art Gilmore, a Sinfonian who was initiated in 1935. He is 96 and lives at the Regent Point retirement home. Sunridge is an assisted living facility within the same complex, and Art hosts storytelling events for the residents, telling stories of his many years on the radio and television. We will be punctuating the show with songs from the Mills Music Mission songbook and the red songbook, primarily. (If you have a nice four-part song that can be learned day-of and would be appropriate, mention it in your RSVP.)