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Event: Saturday, October 11, 2008
Mills Music Mission with Cal State L.A. Students
Los Angeles Area Alumni Association

Please RSVP for this event as soon as you can.

Mills Music Mission with Cal State L.A. Students
Where: Scripps Kensington retirement home, 1428 S. Marengo Ave., Alhambra.
When: 12:30 pm rehearsal, 3:00 performance, 4:30 dinner at Angelo's, 1540 W. Valley Blvd., Alhambra.
Who: Sinfonians, and prospective members from Cal State L.A.
Why: Sing for residents of retirement home and give music students from Cal State L.A. an idea as to what we're all about. They may be interested in reactivating Zeta Upsilon. Pizza social afterwards.
Dress: Pin attire (shirt & tie). Bring red book. Mills Music Mission songbook will be provided to those who don't have one.
How much: Cost of dinner at Angelo's. Bring a little extra to pitch in as we will be buying the Cal State L.A. students dinner.