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Minutes: June 5, 2005
Initial Interest Gathering at Canter's Deli
Los Angeles Area Alumni Association

Event details.

Location: Canter's Deli, Los Angeles, CA.

Present: Christopher Thaxter (CT), organizer; Jos Purvis (JP), taking minutes; Will Schimmeyer (WS).

Gathering opened with general greetings, handshakes, introductions, etc.

Discussions around Province and Area Sinfonian Sites
All felt we should establish a site for the L.A. alumni chapter—perhaps a wiki/forum, links to other chapter sites, resources, etc. Brief discussion was held about the scope for such a site (and for this group), and it was felt that perhaps this should be an L.A.-focused group, allowing other regions (Orange County, San Diego, Inland Empire) to form their own groups with separate meetings.

The province has established a general province site (thegoldenlyre.org), which we may start by piggybacking off of, but creating our own subsite. Province also has a general listserv for discussion, which includes all active members in the province; general sense of the group was that the L.A.-area alumni group should explore a separate list just for its members.

Action Items

Discussions around Collegiate Chapters and Colonies
Current collegiate active chapters: Redlands, Fullerton, San Diego State. Currently topping the list of projects for the province is a colony at Long Beach. List notably excludes several major music programs in the area, including CSUN, USC, UCLA. All three had chapters at one time, and all went inactive during the 1980s. WS, currently attending CSUN Master's program, has talked with a few faculty about re-opening chapter there and has spotted several potential first probationary members. Although the faculty roster appears (per CT's discussion with them a few years ago) to include several Sinfonians, CSUN is a heavy commuter school, so convincing students to stay on campus for activities could be tricky.

Action Items

Discussions about Future Meetings
Sunday was deemed to be the least busy day of the week, likely to attract the greatest number of people. Although some will be unable to attend if the meeting is held on the same day every time, it was felt this would be true for any day chosen, and the benefits of having the meeting on a consistent day seemed to outweigh the potential issues. Afternoons, particularly mid-afternoon, were felt to be a good time in order to split the difference between Sunday morning church (or late rising, for those with Saturday night gigs) and Sunday dinner, which is often a family time. There was some discussion around which Sunday to choose each month, and agreement was reached to try the second Sunday of the month (the first Sunday often being adjacent to holidays that would mean travel).

This led to the selection of a time six weeks hence (to allow for advertising), the second Sunday in July. Finally, the issue of location was raised, and while homes were a potential idea for the future, a coffeeshop or restaurant was felt to be a good compromise between the business of the group and its social leanings. Coffeeshops were felt to be better than restaurants due to lack of time pressure (restaurants like to turn tables quickly), so the issue was settled for the next meeting.

Action Items

Ideas for the Group's Future
Finally, some ideas were discussed for future good works for this group. Some ideas presented:

Adjournment: Gathering was called to a close by 6 pm.

Next meeting: The next meeting will be held Sunday, 10 July, at 4 pm, location TBA.