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Minutes: September 23, 2006
Sinfonian Alumni Pizza Social at Shakey's Pizza
Los Angeles Area Alumni Association

Event details.

Location: Shakey's Pizza, Los Angeles, CA.

Present: Christopher Thaxter (CT), organizer, taking minutes; Andy Wolf (AW), Gary Carr, Greg Schreiner (GS), Joel Levitz, John Tribelhorn, Justin Denlinger, Justin O'Connor, Lee Stokes (LS), Roger Moritz, and Zach Nichols.

After an initial meet & greet, there were round-table introductions. Food was ordered halfway through introductions, at which point a few songs from the Red Book were sung. Introductions were then finished, and informal conversation sprinkled with discussion on ideas for future projects followed. At the end, we discussed what our next event should be, and sang some more songs.

Ideas for Future Events and Projects
Ideas thrown around were diverse and ranged from the group being a social outlet, to a musical one, and a community service one. Following are some specific ideas that were mentioned:

Action Items

Next Event
The next event will be a BBQ picnic for families (wives, girlfriends, partners, boyfriends, kids, pets) at a park or beach. Some ideas thrown out were the Kenneth Hahn Park in Baldwin Hills near Rodeo Road, a park near San Fernando (CT to specify), or a beach with BBQ pits near Long Beach (AW to specify). Since this pizza social was on Saturday, it was agreed the next event should be on Sunday to give those who can't do Saturdays the chance to attend. An event in October would be too soon to plan, so the second weekend in November (not too close to Halloween or Thanksgiving) looked like the prime candidate. A fallback plan would be needed in case of rain, such as a nearby restaurant.

Action Items

Adjournment: Gathering ended around 8:15 pm.

Next meeting: The next event, a BBQ picnic, is scheduled for Sunday, November 12, 2:00 pm, at the Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area.